How to WokePress?

The WokePress Ventures Growth Platform

Just as with Awake, our thesis with WokePress Ventures is that far from being dead, news and entertainment has transformed into Internet technology businesses. This means a few things: you have to be a digital company and a media company and an AI company and now a FinTech company, all rolled into a single harmonious organism.

We know that the world is analog, aka we're focused on the human-to-human value chain established by online community and exchange. We're interested in facilitating value co-creation across the Internet of Networks. We're talking about going far beyond the B2B2C world we already enable, to the full potential latent in the true C2C (consumer-to-consumer) economy.

WokePress is Awakened Value Co-creation 🚀

Modern Cloud OS

as a Service

Corp Strategy

as a Service

Business Operations

as a Service

Talent Development

as a Service

WokePress Ventures is a very different way to look at the world: WokePress is 💯 Awakened Value Co-creation. WokePress is only available to our venture partners. Aka, this magic technology is not for everyone. Apply here to see if you qualify.

WokePress is collaboration and partnership.