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Welcome to WokePress and WokePress Ventures! We're big fans of early-stage innovation, and we back bold entrepreneurs with clear visions. We are unafraid adventurers, and we come prepared: we bring technology, strategy, global partnerships, smart capital, access to experts and executives, we even help you hire. You bring your best game.

From Quintype to SpeakWrite toWokePress and WokePress Ventures

Having built and sold large scale AI / FinTech platforms in the past, and having built and run venture studios and accelerators before, even one focused on the media space, we figured it was time to shake things up a little. We know media. We know tech. We're here to help. Find out how WokePress can be your "Cofounder-in-Residence" for your media startup!

BTW here's a little blast from the past: several successful startups came out of SpeakWrite (a media accelerator we ran 2015 - 2016): most notable is Mother.ly, they recently raised their Series A from 8VC, and are on their way to entirely upend the new media space for motherhood. Media drives community drives commerce!

From WordPress to Quintype to WokePress. πŸš€ Buckle up.

The Future of Digital Media πŸ“± and Social Commerce πŸ›

The WokePress Leadership Team

Over 250 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience in traditional and digital media across multiple countries and verticals. Our leadership reach extends deep across multiple markets.

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