Why WokePress Ventures?

WokePress was started because existing solutions like WordPress and Quintype are insufficient for the needs of the new normal. In this post-digital post-corona post-fact world, the old rules do not apply. Don't get us wrong, we're big supporters of the entire ecosystem: indeed, Amit Rathore founded Quintype with the vision to help the world of news media and journalism, and indeed democracy. There is need for more. Much more.

Foundations matter.

Is technology helping you? Or is it in the way? Most technology solutions out there are archaic and monolithic, the very opposite of the lightwight agility that's needed in this brave new world. Unfortunately, most media companies suffer from at least this common problem: they all have a distinct technology disadvantage.

Why is this still unsolved in 2020? Here's what's needed, just a few clear bits of infrastructure that work together:

Content Creation

Content Distribution

Content Monetization

Data & AI

But in the new normal, in the post-cornona 🦠 post-digital world, where everyone and everything has been shown to be more interconnected than we thought, we need a new type of digital media infrastructure🗼🏗. We need something that is fundamentally representative of this interconnectedness, indeed, something that leverages the very raw power of interconnectedness that underpins nature and reality.

With the irrecovable march of change, the era of social everything is upon us.

What is shaping the world and the digital economy?

Problem vs Opportunity

While Big Tech has wrought havoc over the regular economy across the past 15 years, consumer trends have continued in two key directions: social and social.

And because the business funnel for media companies has been thoroughly destroyed by the Big Tech platforms, new business models are required. New innovation entirely, for the solutions to these problem have not, and will not come form the old ways of thinking. After all, every business is a funnel, and something has to come through the bottom line for the business to become sustainable. How long will FAGA play the winner takes all game?

WokePress focuses on this bit of the puzzle, we are laser focsed on making that cash flow, baby! 🦄

WokePress Ventures is seeking and investing in solutions. ☀️ We're creating joint ventures, new companies, and co-creating with entrepreneurs. We're looking for innovative startups and technical founders. We're looking for business founders and media entreprneurs, so we can help with our secret alien tech. 👽 Get yourself some massive unfair advantage!

We're here to help with the business side, we're technologists and entrepreneurs as well as media people, and we know that we can win together. Reach out and see if you qualify! How woke! 🤠